Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Essex

Premium-quality vinyl flooring combine the beauty of a real wood or stone floor, but with the benefits of easier cleaning and maintenance and greater durability. Designed to meet the demands of the modern home, vinyl also offers you unbeatable value for money.

The premium-quality flooring that we supply, uses state-of-the-art printing and embossing methods to accurately reproduce the appearance, beauty and elegance of a real wood or stone floor. These incredibly authentic looks, combined with the many benefits make our quality vinyl floor tiles an appealing and cost-effective alternative to the real thing.

Compliment your room perfectly

Our Amtico, Karndean and Moduleo tiles are available in a huge range of different finishes, shades, colours and tones. You may prefer your floor to have a warm creamy sandstone finish, or perhaps an exotic dark walnut wood effect. Choosing light oak flooring could really bring your living room to life, or maybe the fresh looks of green marble to make a statement? Beyond the wide range of realistic wood and stone floor finishes, our vinyl tiles are also available in exciting alternative finishes such as mosaic, metallic or linen which can be used to stunning effect. All these options allow you to perfectly complement and co-ordinate with your preferred colour scheme and the other décor in your home. You can finally achieve the overall look you were aiming for and bring out the unique character of every room.

Vinyl gives you the freedom to arrange tiles how you please: creating interesting patterns by using different tile sizes and finishes. Laying the tiles in a certain way can help to create the illusion of more space in your home, and gives you the opportunity to subtly divide a larger room into distinct areas by using contrasting types of floor tile. Alternatively, adjacent rooms can adopt the same flooring and tile arrangement helping the rooms appear to blend into each other; making your home seem more spacious.

Comfortable, Quiet & Easy to Clean

Real wood or stone floors can be annoyingly noisy when walked on, especially in shoes. This can be a particular problem in active family homes with young children. Furthermore, a real stone floor can be uncomfortably cold to the touch, and hard and unpleasant to walk on if you like to move around barefoot or in socks. Our quality vinyl floors are designed to absorb the impact of shoes and feet to keep noise levels down inside your home. They are also designed to be warm and pleasant to walk on; helping to make your home comfortable all year round.

Real wood and stone floors may look great, but they need a great deal of care and attention in order to maintain their looks. Real wood floors need special cleaning agents and procedures to stay in top condition, and are also susceptible to water damage: warping and swelling if not cared for properly. Although hard to the touch, a real stone floor can chip easily, ruining its appearance and prompting expensive repairs. Our quality vinyl flooring however is incredibly easy and straightforward to keep clean and requires very little maintenance to preserve its fantastic looks.

A durable flooring choice for any room

Designed to easily cope with the wear and tear of the modern family home or workplace, vinyl floor tiles are very tough and hard-wearing. It will easily stand up to the daily battering of feet, heavy furniture and everyday spillages, knocks and bumps. They won’t crack or splinter like a real wood or stone floor might, and should your floor ever be damaged, replacing tiles is easy and inexpensive.

The great looks and huge range of design options make it a great choice for any room in your home. Durable, waterproof and delightfully easy-to-clean, vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for any modern kitchen or bathroom. Yet their stunning looks, comfort and low-noise levels makes them an attractive choice for living rooms, study areas, conservatories and bedrooms too.

It’s an increasingly popular choice for commercial flooring and so can give your office the elegant and professional look of a real wood or stone floor, yet have the extra benefits of easy maintenance and durability even in “high traffic” areas. Helping to absorb the noise of footfall also makes vinyl tiles a great flooring choice when you need peace and quiet in the workplace.

Our Range

Our range will give your home breath-taking floors you can really be proud of. Attractive, warm, comfortable, quiet, durable, easy to maintain, and affordable: it is no wonder home owners and property developers are embracing quality floor tiles as the smart flooring choice for today’s homes.

We are proud to supply vinyl flooring from two of the most trusted brands available: Amtico, Karndean and Moduleo.