‘Flooring’ in Top 10 keyword searches for home improvement

In a recent survey conducted by fountain.com it was revealed that just over 60% of all home improvement searches were for ‘floors’. This of course is excellent news for us as we know that if anyone wants to give their home a fresh new look that the first place to start would be from the floor upwards. Whether you’re looking to change from carpet to luxury vinyl flooring or you’re simply looking to upgrade from laminate flooring – we can give you an excellent price and service.

If you’re also looking to embark on some DIY projects other than changing your floor then fountain.com may have just the thing you need. They’ve recently developed a new app which enables you to connect through video with experts in realtime via your smartphone or tablet for help and advice, saving you time and a lot of money without having to employ a local expert. The app uses artificial intelligence to marry up the information you require to the expert who is most specialised in that subject whether it be gardening, plumbing or a design project. You can check out the website and their youtube video right here.

Welcome to Fay Flooring

Welcome to our brand new website. Here you can browse some of our previous work as well as see our full range of products that we offer.

We will endeavour to update the site as much as possible with all of our news and future work to help inspire your own next project. If you’d like to contact us regarding any ideas you have for your new floor then we’d love to hear from you to give you a free quote.