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Da Vinci

Whether in living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, conservatories or the workplace, Karndean can give you the authentic look of a real stone or wood floor, but with better durability, ease of care, greater comfort and excellent value for money. Established in 1973, they are one of the most trusted names in the industry, highly respected for the quality and resilience of their vinyl floor tiles.

  • Ever stylish and beautiful to look at, there are a wide range of finishes, tones and textures to give your floor the appearance of a real wood or stone floor. Alternative finishes are also available for a really unique and fresh look; including metallic, mosaics and pebbles.
  • Tough and hard-wearing, the tiles will preserve their beautiful appearance for years to come. These tiles come with a 15-20 year purchase guarantee for complete peace of mind.
  • Designed to be extremely easy to keep clean, care for, and keep in top condition.

We are delighted to supply seven distinctive ranges of vinyl flooring from Karndean. With each collection offering a wide selection of different tones, shades, textures and innovative features, you will find plenty of choice when it comes to installing a gorgeous vinyl floor in your home.

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Karndean’s Michelangelo range will bring a unique, fresh and contemporary touch to your home. Cool Italian-inspired mosaics and soft-contoured Spanish pebble effects will give you a contemporary floor with a warm and welcoming flavour of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile chic metallic finishes are perfect for a more modernist look.

  • Tiles feature carefully-finished rich textures to produce an incredibly authentic appearance.
  • Mosaic and pebbled finishes are available as 12 x 12” tiles.
  • Metallic effect tiles are available as larger 16 x 16” tiles.
  • The range of 13 different styles covers a wide range of colours and hues; ranging from classic black or grey shades, to chic blues, greens and creamier tones.
  • Strips and borders are available to give you greater scope for making your room truly unique.
  • The hard-wearing 55mm tile surface is backed up with a 15 year guarantee.
karndean floor tiles

Van Gogh

For the warm, natural and inviting looks of a real timber floor, but with greater durability and ease of care, look no further than the Van Gogh range from Karndean.

  • The collection features large 48 x 7” tiles, each carefully finished with realistic tones, detail and textures to capture the authentic natural character and feel of real wood boards.
  • From dark oak tones, to lighter birch and maple finishes, choose from 32 designs for your preferred classic, contemporary or rustic style.
  • The range also includes distressed, reclaimed and limed wood effects which will make any room look earthy and natural, yet incredibly chic and modern too.
  • The Van Gogh tiles have a 0.55mm surface layer and come with a 15 year guarantee.


The larger tiles sizes available in Karndean’s Opus range are perfect if you want your room with a fresh modern-looking wood or stone floor with sleek clean lines. The larger plank / tiles sizes will make any room instantly look less cluttered and more spacious.

  • Includes 25 contemporary wood and stone finishes.
  • Wood panels are available as large 36 x 6” and extra-large 48 x 9” planks, as well as slimmer 36 x 4” sizes.
  • Stone tiles are available as either large 18 x 18” squares or 18 x 24” rectangles.
  • The variety of tile sizes allows you to be more creative in how your floor tiles / planks are laid out.
  • Optional design strips can be added to bring extra detailing to the look of the room.
  • These durable Opus tiles have a 0.55mm thick surface and come with a 15 year guarantee.

Knight Tile

Karndean’s Knight Tile collection offers their largest collection of beautiful wood and stone floors and superb value for money. From White Painted Oak to Cumbrian Stone, theses 41 wood and stone designs feature Karndean’s signature attention to detail: including realistic knots in the wood and grain details in the stone finishes.

  • The option of extra design strips and borders
  • Wood designs are available as 36 x 6” or slimmer 36 x 4” planks.
  • Stone tiles are available as 12 x 12” squares or 18 x 12” rectangular tiles.
  • Protected by a 12 year residential guarantee, the Knight Tile range features a hard wearing 0.3mm surface layer.
  • Knight Tiles are finished with a lovely soft-brushed texture; your new floor will be a joy to walk on as well as look at.


Karndean’s LooseLay flooring is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lay a beautiful new floor over your current hard floor. Featuring an innovative K-wave friction backing, these quality vinyl tiles can simply be laid straight down, without the hassle, mess and fumes of tile adhesive.

  • LooseLay vinyl tiles are made to the same high standards of quality and durability as all Karndean flooring products.
  • The friction-grip / non-adhesive backing makes LooseLay suitable for use on raised floors.
  • The Looselay range includes 39 wood, stone and fabric finishes.
  • Available as 19.7 x 24” tiles or 41 x 9” (wood effect only) planks.
  • The LooseLay Longboard range includes 12 gorgeous wood tones as super large 59 x 10” floorboards.
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Any repairs are very straightforward: simply lift out the damaged tile and lay down a replacement.
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